Coaching Fees

Health coaching can provide amazing return-on-investment.

My affordably-priced service fees as of 9/23/18 (subject to change):

  • 20 minute phone consultation to determine if we’re a good match, $0 (free)
  • Initial 60-75 minute coaching session with comprehensive intake, $118
  • 4 follow-up 55-minute sessions over the course of 2-4 months, $279
  • 8 follow-up 55-minute sessions over the course of 4-6 months, $540
  • Option to arrange an in-person meeting in zipcode 92121 or 92126, additional $10
  • Option to meet at an agreed location within an 8 mile radius of zipcode 92121, additional $20
  • Extra 10-25 minutes to administer the MoCA test in person or via videoconference, $20-30
  • Add on CNS Vital Signs test, $45
  • Data input for ReCODE Report™ generation (for those subscribed to ReCODE Reports™), $30
  • Single 55-minute maintenance session after completing a coaching package or group coaching, $75
  • Single 25-minute maintenance session to stay on track, $40
  • Requested extra email support or research beyond 20 minutes in between sessions, $10 for each extra 10 minutes
  • Group coaching participation in 8 online 90-minute meetings, $243

I accept cash, check, PayPal, and major credit cards.  Although health coaches are considered the value providers within healthcare, health coaching is not yet covered by insurance.

Having support to build new diet and lifestyle habits can mean the difference between success and failure with your personal ReCODE Protocol™.  Success with diet and lifestyle change brings priceless improvements to your quality of life. For those having difficulty functioning at work, investing in restoring cognitive functioning ultimately yields financial gain.

Our phone consultation will help you determine if my popular package of five coaching sessions ($118 + $279 = $397 total) would work for you or we can customize a ReCODE™ coaching plan matched to your exact needs.  It takes a multi-session commitment with sufficient time to ingrain new good health habits and to help you to get back on track when life derails the best intentions you started with.

I hope you’ll find my services transformational and money well spent.