ReCODE Resources

Getting Started with ReCODE™


The Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™ is a comprehensive, personalized, evidence-based program to address the potential drivers of cognitive decline.

Dr. Bredesen emphasizes how “DESS”—Diet, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress management—are essential to healing the brain and preventing dementia.  Brain training stimulates brain plasticity and rejuvenation. If you’re already experiencing cognitive impairment, then multiple supplements will likely play a prominent role in the first six months or more of the Protocol.  Lastly, developing a strong sense of meaning, positive relationships, emotional resilience, and connection with something bigger than oneself fosters true holistic health and longevity.

Medical therapies may be needed to treat underlying drivers of cognitive decline.  A clinical assessment of your history, lab test results, symptoms, and presentation along with a ReCODE Report™ can reveal root causes, such as inflammation, glycotoxicity, lack of trophic support, toxicity, or vascular issues.


Get started on the diet and lifestyle aspects of ReCODE™ with help from the pages below.  (Additional resources will be added as time allows.)