If the Diet and Lifestyle Changes Seem Overwhelming

Work on a single aspect of the Protocol if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Start with whatever aspect of ReCODE™ you are most drawn to. 

Once you select a single arena, narrow it down to a specific, achievable goal.  For example, if you chose brain training, you might sign up for the free or paid version of BrainHQ brain training app and use for 5 minutes on three specific days calendared in over the upcoming week.  If you find that BrainHQ fits into your life, you could later step it up to 10 minutes.  If you don’t like it, the next step would be to experiment with a different kind of brain training.  That’s how you keep moving forward step by step.

Give yourself a chance to have some success with one aspect before experimenting with another.

Also, you don’t have to wait for test results to get started with the basic diet and lifestyle.  The time to take the first step is now.

Every positive change you make adds up significantly over time.

For guidance to begin implementing a single aspect of ReCODE™:

  • Learn enough about Ketoflex™ eating here to start eating more brain food and less sugar, simple carbs, industrial oils, and other highly processed foods.
  • Get started navigating supplement use here. Keep in mind that Dr. Bredesen suggests that people at the stage of prevention generally require only a few supplements, rather than the dozens listed for treatment of existing cognitive impairment.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  To be continued…