When Confused by Conflicting Information


No doubt that there’s a ton of conflicting information in the health space.

The foundational health goals of the ReCODE Protocol™ are nearly universally considered sound.  Focus on the biggest levers to optimize your brain and overall health, where there’s little debate.  This is the wise place to focus your time, attention, and energy.  Avoid getting lost in the details until you’re practicing the basics.

After learning about a few different brain health optimization programs, it’s time to tune out the tons of marketing for various supplements, products, and schemes–all competing for your attention and wallet.  That also means shutting off the conflicting health information out that can put you in a state of paralysis by analysis.

Whether it’s ReCODE™ or another brain health program that resonates more with you, choose one approach and give it a fair shot.

ReCODE™ is backed by Dr. Bredesen’s world-renown level of expertise specifically in Alzheimer’s research, combined with incomparable clinical experience reversing AD since 2012, founded on a wise integrative approach to healing, strengthened by ongoing powerful computing analysis of what’s most effective, and the only clinically demonstrated means to reverse cognitive decline thus far.

Commit to implementing as much as you can of a single comprehensive protocol for 6 months.  In the case of the highly effective, holistic ReCODE Protocol™, if you do not experience positive health or cognition changes, you may need a Qualified ReCODE™ practitioner to overcome your blind spots or uncover issues requiring medical intervention.

If you observe that six months of living ReCODE™ improves  the quality of your life, then stick with it.  I have observed in myself and numerous others that the ReCODE™ foundations of wholesome foods, physical activity, good sleep, stress resiliency, reducing toxins, and brain stimulation work wonders such that you don’t need to entangle yourself in additional brain health products, countless supplements, and endless debates about the finer details.