Fat is a good sign. Heartburn and brain fog too.

Common symptoms can be signs of a needed change and shift in your life.  Sometimes disease progression is beyond our control, but most often it creeps up slowly with warning signs that it’s time to do something differently.

Fat displays a good, robust sign

Fat cells signing

Fat cells waving for your attention Photo credit: Great Beyond / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Excess body fat often signals that your metabolism is off kilter.  It’s hugely important to keep your metabolism in balance.  Metabolic syndrome affects one-third of Americans, increasing their risk of a host of conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Although it’s called a silent epidemic, you can often plainly see it: four out of five people with metabolic syndrome are fat.

And thank goodness for that big fat sign.  I think the one-out-of-five thin people who have metabolic syndrome without the tell-tale bodyfat are the unlucky ones.  People who are skinny-fat or “TOFI”—Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside—don’t have the benefit of belly bulge to warn them about lurking diseases.  They can feel blind-sided by a heart attack, diabetes diagnosis, or other health crisis.

Back when I had a spare tire, I felt lousy.  Even if purely out of vanity rather than how it made me feel, obvious excess bodyfat compelled me to make different food and exercise choices.  Stress and insufficient sleep were certainly other factors that disrupted metabolism and put on the pounds.

Please be gentle with yourself if you see extra fat.  Read More