I take conflicts of interest seriously.

On my Nurture Brain Health website, you’ll find my authentic recommendations to optimize brain health.  I have zero affiliation with the books, websites, podcasts, apps, and most of the other resources I recommend.  Furthermore, I do not earn any kick-backs if you follow my ReCODE-related links to drbredesen.com or ahnphealth.com.   However, I have minor affiliations as follows.

As an affiliate of Thorne and Fullscript, I’m able to pass along 30-35% savings to people who would be buying the same supplements at a higher markup.  I receive 5% of the sales made using my supplement links.  I believe this is not enough money to compromise my good judgment about the use of supplements and remain steadfast in not over-selling supplements.  Read some of my thoughts on the subject here.

Using this website’s links to purchase products on Amazon that you would buy anyway helps support my work without costing you anything extra.  Amazon.com affiliate links offer a way for clients who appreciate me to chip in a little extra while living ReCODE on a fixed income.  I generally receive 4.5-6% of the sales made through my Amazon links.  I am committed to presenting affordable, high-value items that can help you make progress on the ReCODE Protocol™ while never up-selling superfluous stuff.

It is vitally important to me to both keep my integrity intact and earn enough income to work at the front lines of coaching lifestyle medicine.

I do my best to keep my mind open to credible new research findings in brain health. Since I have invested in ReCODE™ training, I must guard against confirmation bias simply reinforcing the principles from my training.  I promise to evolve my understanding of optimal diet and lifestyle with new scientific evidence of what is most effective.  Fortunately, Dr. Bredesen appears to be updating and modifying ReCODE™ with the best available outside evidence as well as his own clinical research findings.  In addition, my self-employment allows me to be more independent and intellectually honest in my work.


Jen Felix