Small Group Coaching for Revitalizing Brain Health

Join an 8-session coaching program that virtually brings together a small group of people on a similar path to enhance brain health by improving diet and lifestyle.

Group coaching can be a more affordable choice than one-on-one coaching.  Educational presentations interspersed with group discussion help you put much of the brain healthy diet and lifestyle into effective practicesOur conversations create positive and healing human connections among the participants.

Unlike many other programs, this Brain Health Revitalization group coaching is not an impersonal series of recorded videos nor a large group where you cannot get individual attention.  Instead, we have 8 meetings, each lasting 2 hours, every two weeks among 7-10 people over Zoom videoconference.  About 30 minutes of each meeting is devoted to personal inquiries not addressed during the main topic interaction.  I create a safe, non-judgmental space for all to share in.  You get live coaching with me along with support from others with relatable concerns.  People living in Southern California can take advantage of my knowledge of local health resources.

In each of eight biweekly meetings, I present an hour or more of interactive education on a fundamental Bredesen Protocol topic for brain health (see “Content” below).  Each meeting provides an opportunity for learning, accountability, troubleshooting obstacles to progress, and celebration of successful steps towards your health goals.


Motivated individuals who are present at meetings and invest effort between sessions:

  • eat in a more brain healthy way and troubleshoot dietary issues,
  • find inspiration to get more physical activity,
  • learn to incorporate brain training into their daily life,
  • develop stress resilience,
  • progress toward more restorative sleep,
  • reduce sources of toxicity,
  • develop a solid understanding of Dr. Bredesen’s diet and lifestyle recommendations along with general guidelines for dozens of the mainstay supplements listed in “The End of Alzheimer’s Program”,
  • connect with like-minded people on a common path to wellness
Stronger together

We make more progress together.

Those who make at least some of the diet and lifestyle changes self-report normalized hunger, stabilized blood sugar swings, weight loss (if starting with extra body fat), more mental clarity, better mood, and/or improved well-being by the end of the eight meetings.  



The program has a total of sixteen hours of live group coaching over approximately 3½ months.  Throughout, I provide numerous resources to make it easier for you to integrate diet and lifestyle changes into what’s often a busy schedule and limited budget.



Here’s a sketch of my comprehensive step-by-step coverage of foundational brain health practices along with some of the worksheets and resources you’ll receive:

  • Introduction, KetoFLEX 12/3™ eating, handy KetoFLEX™ Foods list, and Positive Visioning worksheet
  • Creating personalized mini-goals guide, Tracking Symptoms and Biomarkers worksheet, and Kitchen Clean-Out outline
  • KetoFLEX™ meal and snack ideas, 12-16 hour time-restricted eating, restaurant ordering, KetoFLEX™-friendly convenience foods at grocery stores/, and recipes
  • Brain training, physical activity, and Weekly ReCODE™ Journal
  • Sounder Sleep guide
  • Tips for transitioning to nutritional ketosis, ketosis contraindications, and glucose/ketone home blood testing
  • Stress management and Cultivating a Healthy Mind resource
  • Common causes of Type 3 Alzheimer’s (including mycotoxins) and Reducing Toxin Exposures guide
  • Optimizing gut health and self-empowerment on your path of brain health revitalization (woven throughout)


Revitalizing Brain Health group coaching is designed for people: 

  • interested in preventing dementia and living a long, robust life with cognitive function measured to be in normal range*
  • seeking to reverse subjective cognitive impairment (SCI),
  • or learning about brain healthy diet and lifestyle to support a family member with early-stage/borderline mild cognitive impairment (MCI), subscribed to Apollo Health’s ReCODE™ program, and unable to afford one-on-one coaching


Cognitive Assessment

A perk of this  program’s deep dive into the Bredesen Protocol is getting your baseline cognitive assessment.  Dr. Bredesen recommends that everyone over age 45 get an objective, clinically-validated measure of cognitive functioning in multiple domains as a pivotal part of their “cognoscopy”.

All interested group participants may take an online CNS Vital Signs cognitive test (more CNS-VS details here) and receive an anonymized two-page report to keep as their baseline cognitive test for future comparison. Group participants can commiserate about their apprehension and relief after completing this important test.

Participants who have a MoCA [Montreal Cognitive Assessment] administered by a MoCA-certified professional (not self-administered) or other clinically-validated cognitive evaluation may opt out of the CNS-VS test and are eligible to save $30 that would have gone toward the CNS-VS test.  When unusual circumstances demand it, I will arrange a 20-minute  private videoconference to administer a MoCA test for you.

Read more about cognitive assessments here  If you suspect that you may be experiencing memory/cognition issues, see your doctor for a thorough neurocognitive assessment.  All participants need a  clinically-validated cognitive evaluation to make sure cognitive functioning is indeed in the “normal” range–all twelve CNS-VS domains measured in the “above”, “average”, or “low average” or a MoCA score of 26 or higher.


Important Notes

This group program is not appropriate for people with a MoCA score below 26.  This program is not intended for support persons of individuals diagnosed with middle/late stage Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), pre-Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s Disease, or other forms of dementia.   Advanced cognitive impairment is a serious medical condition requiring support beyond the scope of this group program.  For your best chance at successful reversal of cognitive decline, cognitively impaired individuals need collaborative support from caregivers, individual coaching, a ReCODE Qualified™ doctor, and subscription to Apollo Health’s ReCODE™ program.

I do not offer any medical advice in the Revitalizing Brain Health program.  This group coaching program does not replace personalized one-on-one coaching nor care from licensed healthcare providers.  Please consult your doctor before implementing the diet and lifestyle strategies discussed in the group program.  By participating, you agree to participate at your own risk and to make your own decisions about whether to engage in any of the diet, movement, lifestyle, or other activities discussed.

Changing diet and lifestyle alone may not provide the outcomes you seek without medical treatment.  The more marked the cognitive and health symptoms, the greater the need for a combination of both medical intervention by a Bredesen-trained doctor as well as one-on-one health coaching (personalized beyond group coaching).

This program is not open to other health coaches in order to avert inappropriate use of copy-written materials.



The powerful group dynamic propels people to make progress with their brain and holistic health together.  The Brain Health Revitalization program costs $393 per person—a terrific value in functional medicine and cognitive decline coaching programs with live interaction for meaningful lifestyle modification.


Meeting time

I’ll launch the next Revitalizing Brain Health group coaching series as soon as I’ve accumulated enough interested attendees.  The meeting is likely to start around 1:00 pm PST or 4:00 pm PST on a day that works best for the greatest number of applicants.  We will meet over Zoom videoconference with the option to participate by phone.  I hope you will be able to join us.


To get on the interest list for next group coaching program:

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