ReCODE™ Resources


The Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™ is a comprehensive, personalized, evidence-based program to address the potential drivers of cognitive decline.

The webpages BELOW provide helpful resources for getting started with diet, lifestyle, tools, supplements, PreCODE/ReCODE™ tests/programs, and other products that support holistic brain health.  The infographic to the right depicts the emphasis on what Dr. Bredesen terms “DESS”—Diet, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress resilience—that are essential to healing the brain and preventing dementia. In addition, brain training is important to stimulate brain plasticity and rejuvenation.  Supplements and detoxification may also play a prominent role. Developing a strong sense of meaning, positive relationships, and connection with something bigger than oneself additionally fosters true holistic health and longevity.  A clinical assessment of your history, lab tests, symptoms, and presentation along with a ReCODE Report™ can reveal root causes—such as inflammation, glycotoxicity, lack of trophic support, toxicity, vascular issues, or trauma— to guide medical treatment.