Welcome to Nurture Brain Health with Jen Felix.

This site is for people who

  • envision themselves retaining more youthful memory and cognitive function despite a family history or genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease,
  • want to implement the diet and lifestyle of the Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™ affordably for more vibrant brain and overall health,
  • have already experienced memory loss and seek to regain their brain,
  • and/or are on a quest for a long healthspan

    The holistic multi-modal therapy to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.


Dr. Dale Bredesen’s program to Reverse COgnitive DEcline, known as the ReCODE Protocol™, is the first clinically demonstrated [1, 2, 3] therapy to reverse cognitive decline.

bredesen case report

Dr. Bredesen’s 2018 case report documenting 100 cases of improved cognition.

Dr. Bredesen’s therapeutic approach to the numerous root causes of dementia—described in his 2017 book “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline“—is a combination of the Ketoflex™ diet, physical activity, stress management, sleep, brain training, toxin reduction, supplements, and medical interventions as needed.  We also foster psychological and social well-being to optimize brain health.  A ReCODE Report™ can be used to custom-tailor the protocol.


I support and coach individuals and caregivers to implement the ground-breaking ReCODE Protocol™.  I provide numerous resources to make the diet and lifestyle changes easier, less expensive, and immediately doable for you.  

To understand a little more about the pivotal role I can play to help you prevent or reverse cognitive decline, please watch this less than 2 minute video clip of Dr. Bredesen.  He explains how the most important person [helping] in the recovery of people with cognitive decline is…the health coach:

growing a brain illustration

Restoring brain health is like nurturing a garden.  It takes time and attendance to many things. Together we figure out how to nurture your brain health one step at a time in ways that suit your preferences and fit your life.

Diet and lifestyle are the most cost-effective and least invasive modalities that effectively restore and maximize brain health.  People who partner with me

  • banish brain fog,
  • regulate their blood sugar,
  • lose weight (when overweight),
  • restore their memory,
  • and feel better all around. 



Well wishes for vitality and cognitive clarity!


Qualified ReCODE Report™ Practitioner of the Bredesen Protocol™

and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with National Board Certification