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The holistic multi-modal therapy to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

This is a site for people who want to feel cognitively sharp and full of vitality. 

We achieve this through the foundational health practices (shown left) that create physical and psychological resilience. 


Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine

I’m on my third year assisting people with the Bredesen Protocol™the first clinically demonstrated therapy to reverse cognitive decline [see references 1, 2, 3].

bredesen case report

Bredesen et al. 2018 report documenting 100 cases of improved cognition.

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s 2017 and 2020 books outline his therapeutic approach—a personalized combination of the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet, physical activity, stress management, sleep, brain training, toxin reduction, supplements, medical interventions guided by test results, a ReCODE Report™, and a doctor.  Brain health can be further optimized by nurturing psychological and social well-being.

While I have repeatedly witnessed reversal of cognitive impairment with good compliance to the Bredesen Protocol™, I expect you to be skeptical.  As a former scientist, I too await forth-coming evidence in peer-reviewed publication of an ongoing prospective clinical trial NCT03883633 expected in 2021, a clinical trial underway here in San Diego, and more.

Regarding prevention: conventional neurologists now concede that the scientific literature supports exercise, diet, social connection, cognitive/brain challenge, managing cardiovascular risk, correcting vitamin B12 deficiency, and treating sleep apnea as modifiable risk factors for cognitive decline.  While acknowledging the value and credibility of these lifestyle factors for preventing cognitive decline, they face the barrier of few effective lifestyle medicine resources within the health insurance disease-care system and limited one-on-one personalized support required for most patients to make multiple targeted lifestyle changes . That’s where I come in.

I coach diet and lifestyle–the most cost-effective, evidence-based, and least invasive modalities that restore and maximize brain health.


How I help people prevent and reverse cognitive decline:

To help you experience the positive health benefits of the Bredesen Protocol™ for yourself, I offer one-on-one coaching, online group coaching, and an in-person support group to make targeted diet and lifestyle changes easier, less expensive, and immediately doable.  My roles include:

Dr. Bredesen visiting my support group.

  • Educating and answering your specific questions about Bredesen Protocol details
  • Confidentially administering the MoCA or CNS-VS cognitive assessment to assist your cognoscopy
  • Supporting your food and lifestyle changes with numerous resources and experienced coaching
  • Acting as your fiduciary in numerous decisions along the way to your best health outcome
  • Attending to your unique condition and preference with genuine care
  • Providing practical information on the Ketoflex™ food plan, getting a cognoscopy, cognitive assessments, getting started with prevention, useful products, and more here on my website


Transformational healing often takes personal attention from an experienced coach specializing in brain healthPeople who partner with me:

  • regulate blood sugar and reverse pre-diabetes
  • lose weight (when overweight)
  • stop cognitive decline & improve their memory
  • reduce prescriptions needed due to restored health
  • and feel more energized

Over the long-term, an additional side benefit of these lifestyle changes is curtailing your of risk obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 


“The most important person in the recovery of people with cognitive decline is…the health coach”

explained by Dr. Bredesen in this two-minute video clip:


Experienced Brain Health Coaching with Integrity

Isaacson 2019 article

Isaacson et al 2019

PREVENTION: For those at the stage of preventing cognitive decline, I coach a brain healthy lifestyle either with or without a ReCODE Report™.  My coaching is informed by a synergy of ancestral health and modern medicine, notably including Dr. Isaacson’s clinical trial of a therapeutic multi-modal intervention to reduce Alzheimer’s risk.

REVERSAL: For people seeking recovery from existing cognitive impairment, I only coach the full Bredesen Protocol™ guided by  their doctor and ReCODE Report™.

growing a brain illustration

Restoring brain health is like nurturing a garden.  Together we give attention to good nutrition, movement, sleep, stress resilience, gut health, toxin reduction, and more–creating your foundation of health so that your interconnected body, mind, and brain can flourish.

I do not litter my website click-bait titles, pop-up windows, low-value product links, ploys to capture your email address, cookie collection, exaggerated claims, or slick marketing.

My science background, extensive training and personal experiences enable me to coach a scientifically-sound, wise, holistic approach to brain health and extending healthspan


Please join me on the journey for vitality and cognitive clarity.


Qualified ReCODE Report™ Practitioner of the Bredesen Protocol™

and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with National Board Certification