Getting Started with Prevention

Without any guidance, people can feel overwhelmed by the multiple aspects of the ReCODE Protocol™, frustrated with how much time it’s taking them to figure things out, and demoralized by the unknown amount of money it might cost.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ll paraphrase Dr. Bredesen who said in April 2018 that his ReCODE Protocol™ for prevention of cognitive decline should be able to be done inexpensively with diet, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene, brain training and “a couple” of supplements directed by basic lab test results. 

That may sound like a lot, but it’s totally doable if you take it one step at a time.  

Focus first on moving the big levers of brain health and overall wellness.  Don’t get lost in the details at the beginning.  Just pick one or two of the following foundational ReCODE™ benchmarks to work toward.  

  • To start the Ketoflex diet, fill your plate with whole foods—lots of plants, plenty of healthy fats, and a moderate amount of high-quality protein.  Minimize added sugar, flour, and processed food as much as you can.  Consume your food within a 12-hour window.
  • For physical activity, aim to spend less time sitting.  Increase the amount you move your body at an appropriate pace and level for you (i.e. walking, yoga, gardening, strength training, dancing, etc.) until you’re getting in more than an hour of accumulated time moving five days per week.
  • Set aside time daily for a practice that helps you feel less stressed.  A starting point could be three minutes of deep diaphragmatic breathing or five minutes of guided meditation as part of your morning or before bed routine.  
  • Regularly participate in some kind of brain stimulating activity.  Your default practice could start with 5-10 minutes of BrainHQ every other day.  
  • If you don’t usually wake up refreshed after getting a solid 7 hours or more of sleep, then improve your sleep hygiene and consider asking your doctor if a home sleep study is in order.
  • Take care to use low-toxin personal care products, home products, food, and water.
  • Start only a couple of the ReCODE™ supplements directed toward your chief health concern.
  • Run the basic lab tests of a “cognoscopy” for preliminary medical evaluation.

Don’t attempt all the aforementioned at once; choose one or two aspects and celebrate when you achieve those goals.  All the while, learn from how your mind and body feel better as you make the ReCODE™ diet and lifestyle changes.  The awareness will help you take it to the next level when you’re ready.  Making progress to live the full ReCODE Protocol™ is easier with support, so check out some options for help.  

The topics below may address your initial concerns when making progress with ReCODE™.