How I Can Help

Choose from my offerings that would best help you become more vibrant and bright:

The Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™ is designed to address many of the underlying causes of cognitive and overall health issues.  My coaching helps you figure out how to tweak your food, movement, sleep, relaxation, brain-stimulating activities, toxin reduction, and/or stress management practices to heal your brain, body, mind, and spirit.  I help you stay connected to your internal motivation, surmount obstacles to progress, and provide numerous resources to make it easier for you to integrate diet and lifestyle changes into what’s often a busy schedule and limited budget.  Explore how I can support you using the webpage links below.

*Lab testing and medical evaluation to generate a ReCODE Report™ is needed to uncover underlying issues at play for your particular condition. If you already experience cognitive impairment, I encourage you to additionally seek help from an Bredesen-trained doctor.