Frequently Asked Questions & General Help

(A) How do I videoconference using Zoom?

Don’t worry–the the Zoom app’s video and audio functions usually work with relative ease.  It helps to have a growth mindset that you can figure it out and that this small challenge will stimulate new neuronal connections.  Cognitively challenging tasks are part of our daily Bredesen Protocol™ brain training.

In order to videoconference, you will need a computer, smartphone, or tablet equipped with internet access, a microphone, and a video-camera.  (Telephone can be our back-up plan.)

1. If this is your first time using Zoom, prepare at least 10 minutes in advance of our meeting time.  If you plan to use Zoom on your mobile phone or iPad/tablet for the first time, download the Zoom app ahead of time from the App Store.

2. Open this email on your chosen device and click on the hyperlink in my emailed videoconference invitation to “Join Zoom Meeting” that looks something like https:/zoom.us/j/123456789, but with our actual functional meeting ID.

3a. If you are using Zoom on your computer for the first time, a webpage will open up to download the Zoom application. If the download does not start automatically, you might have to click “Yes” or “Download here”.  After Zoom launches, type your name in the pop-up window. (Skip this step if you’re already setup with Zoom.)

In the small Zoom window that appears, click on the “Open Link” in the lower right corner.

Click the middle button to “Join Audio Conference by Computer


3b. If you are using the Zoom app on your smartphone or tablet, choose either “Call using internet audio” or “autoconnect with audio”, also type in your name at the prompt and click “Join”.

If the video icon appears in red and crossed, then click the icon to activate video.  If no picture appears, you may need to change your Settings for the Zoom app to allow video.

4. If needed, you can TROUBLESHOOT the audio and video feeds with the Zoom support guides at this link: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/201137166

5. Now we should be able to see and hear each other. If the above technology does not work for you or you only have telephone service, you can join the Zoom conference via phone by dialing one of the Zoom phone numbers on your email videoconference invitation and entering in the meeting ID.



(B) How do I give Jen Felix access to read or generate my ReCODE Report™?

1. Log in to your to PreCODE™ or ReCODE™ account at https://www.recodereport.com/users/sign_in, then click “Select Provider”. (Access to the practitioner directory is only available after your ReCODE™ Report has been generated.),

2. Search the San Diego, USA area of the practitioner map to locate Jen Felix (me).

3. Click the orange “Select Provider” button under “Jen Felix, BS, FMCHC” to to allow me online access to input your data and/or read your ReCODE Report™.  I should now be added to your chosen list of ReCODE Report Qualified™ practitioners.

If you have any trouble, please call Apollo Health at (800) 450-0805 to verbally add me (Jen Felix) as one of your practitioners or help you navigate your account.