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You can benefit from my unique combination of training and experience

Dr Bredesen and Jen Felix

Dr. Bredesen and me, Jen Felix, in 2018.

I’ve been assisting Bredesen-trained integrative and naturopathic doctors by coaching their ReCODE™ patients since January 2018.  This ongoing clinical experience helping patients reverse subjective/mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s disease has been vital to me becoming a more effective coach.


Completed IFM's Reversing Cognitive Decline Advanced Clinical Training

Completed IFM’s Reversing Cognitive Decline Advanced Clinical Training

As a Qualified ReCODE Report™ Practitioner, I completed training in the scientific, medical, and lifestyle underpinnings of all aspects of the Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™.  Dr. Bredesen and his colleagues from the Institute for Functional Medicine provided the “Reversing Cognitive Decline Advanced Clinical Training”.  You can find me listed as a Bredesen-trained practitioner when you subscribe to either the ReCODE™ or ReVERSE™ program from AHNP Precision Health (formerly MPI Cognition).


I have MoCA Certification for administering and scoring the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, one of the assays of Dr. Bredesen’s “Cognoscopy”.


Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) with a year-long education in the principles of functional medicine, positive psychology and mind-body medicine from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.  As a FMCHC, I’ve demonstrated proficiency in coaching lifestyle medicine.

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National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

I’ve earned National Board Certification in Health & Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC), so you can be assured that I’m working at a high standard of coaching.

UCSD LogoMy post-graduate coursework at the University of California, San Diego includes classes in  Clinical Nutrition, Exercise Science, Evolution of the Human Diet, Metabolic Biochemistry, and Health Behavior Change. I’ve also supplemented my education with training in Functional Medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Kresser Institute.


I have a strong foundation in science and human physiology from having earned a B.S. in Biology from UCLA and working as a Cell Biology Research Associate and Laboratory Manager, for 13 years, first at UCLA Department of Neurobiology and later at UCSD Department of Bioengineering.


Jen Felix, BS, FMCHC, NBC-HWC, and Bredesen-trained Practitioner