ReCODE™ Journeys

“I feel like a completely different person these days! Really great as far as cognition is concerned!!  I have limitless hope for the rest of my life.”  ~ Sophie, San Diego, CA


“It has been awesome working with Jen Felix – she is a wealth of knowledge and she so willingly shares not only what she knows but also has resources for further help.

Realizing that I was forgetting things and really worried about my family’s history of dementia, I knew I could use some help.  Alzheimer’s is the disease I fear most.  I am now in my 60’s and want to live a long healthy and independent life.   I was most interested in taking baby steps and implementing the protocol slowly instead of starting with all the testing right away and Jen has helped me do just that.

She helped me feel more comfortable about eating a higher fat / lower carb diet and what might be the best way for me to eat.  As a result I have lost over 30 pounds this year, lowered my blood sugar into the normal range (dropped 10-15 mg/dL), and I feel much healthier.   Other things I implemented are intermittent fasting, a focus on sleep (this is an ongoing project), guitar lessons, adding a whole house water filter, buying healthier personal products, upgraded my cooking pots, walking daily and recently weight lifting, eating mostly organic food, and I even took a meditation class to help me with stress. It has been a process, but so worth it!  I feel more confident in my brain and overall health.  I am now considering doing some of the extra testing because this is important.

Thank you Jen for all your help and support. I highly recommend Jen if you are looking for a strong and knowledgeable coach that will work with you at your speed.”

~ Nicole, Los Angeles, CA

“It was beautiful to have found Jen.  I was starting with the process and went to some practitioners that did not fulfill my expectations of the program.  When I met Jen, she was able to guide me with heart and understood my desperation to help my parent.  My focus is to take the correct steps to get the best outcome but as I said before I was lost.  Jen has been instrumental in helping us with this program and I can’t thank her enough for this.” -Caro B

man“I attend Jen’s absolutely free, bi-monthly meetup for people who are interested in being their own advocates in preventing cognitive decline. When I joined the group, I was concerned about memory and cognitive problems and wanted learn more about prevention. Jen took her time coaching every member of the group through the steps we need to take to create new healthy habits and making ReCODE part of our lives.

I’ve personally encountered several difficulties while adjusting to Dr. Bredesen’s complex therapeutic program. At first, my body didn’t like the comprehensive diet changes that included minimizing carbohydrates and eliminating sugar. It was a huge adjustment for me. Jen has been patiently guiding me in making ReCODE work with additional recommendations on brain stimulation, exercise, sleep and ReCODE supplements to ask my doctor about.

Even though it is still work in progress, I am glad to see noticeable improvements in blood sugar, memory, sleep, stress reduction and general feeling of well-being.

Jen has a mindset of always looking for root causes rather than addressing the symptoms, and she taught me to address my health that way. She has the functional medicine tools and knowledge that regular medical practitioners don’t usually have access to. She is always very supportive, compassionate and effective.

I would strongly recommend Jen to anyone with family history of Alzheimer’s, ApoE4+, or cognitive impairment who is seeking guidance in implementing ReCODE protocol and looking for a different perspective on their health and wellness.”  ~Lauren, San Diego, CA

Man @ the Beach“I had the extreme good fortune of finding Jen Felix to be my Bredesen protocol health coach to aid in improving my memory loss.  I doubt the existence of another coach in his program who is as knowledgeable, thorough and as pleasant to work with.

Sincerely, Dr. Lawrence”

“I was stressing out about my memory problems, knowing that Alzheimer’s disease runs in my family.  The Bredesen protocol gave me hope.

Thank you Jen for helping me change my life.  Your caring and guidance has meant the world to me.  I’ve lost 25 pounds.  My mind is more vibrant than it’s been in a long time.  I’ll keep doing my protocol.   I’m no longer full of worry that I’m headed for Alzheimer’s and feel more at peace.”  ~George

“It has been a pleasure working with you over the past 6 months. The wealth of knowledge that you have shared and your complete willingness to help has been a tremendous resource. We really appreciate your rapid respond time to our concerns and all your help.  We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.”  ~Sincerely,  Ann and Rich, San Diego, CA

“I had been having abdominal pain off and on for over a year and none of the specialists could figure out what was going on. In addition, I couldn’t seem to lose the excess weight I had gained in the past few years. Jen gave me a food plan tailored to my needs as a vegetarian as well as my personal preferences that included great snack ideas as well as delicious healthy recipes. Now, I mostly pass on unhealthy foods and snacks and make better choices, even when I am out and about. With encouragement from Jen, I started going to aqua fit classes 2-3 times a week as well as walking 5 days a week. After four months, eating healthy fats improved my cholesterol results! So far, no more stomach aches. I’m confident that I know how to stay healthy so that I can pursue my adventures in world travel and live a long and active life.  Thanks Jen for your help, patience, and willingness to believe in me even when I was ready to give up!”  ~Maggie, 69, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for all your help and not giving up on me.  I am so much better. I’ve stopped planning to sell my house and move to assisted living.  I can get up and down the stairs without a problem.  My MoCA score jumped up seven points.  My brain and body are working GREAT!  ~Pat

taking steps

Thank you for all your excellent coaching, tips, and positive energy. Your help has put me a on positive path to a healthy long life!  And I am thrilled! ~Sean


First names only and nicknames have been used to preserve anonymity.