ReCODE™ Products


Recommended products that can help with different aspects of the ReCODE Protocol™. 


Home Ketone Testing 

Ketone testing is not necessary for everyone.  It’s important for people who are restricting their carbohydrate intake enough to achieve nutritional ketosis to be able to objectively evaluate whether they are succeeding in this endeavor or need to trouble-shoot.

Precision-Xtra-ketone-meter-kit.jpgDr. Bredesen recommends the Precision Xtra blood glucose and ketone meter.  This meter includes a lancing device with 30 lancets and 10 ketone strips, costs about $75.   The price has dropped significantly on a pack of 30 Precision Xtra ketone test strips to about $30 or around $1/ea.  Use one ketone strip for each blood ketone measurement.  The meter with extra ketone strips is enough to get you started, but consider adding glucose test strips, additional lancets, and calibration solutions…or buying a kit (pictured).

I personally use the Keto Mojo, another FDA-approved ketone meter option that requires a smaller droplet of blood than the Precision Xtra.  The Keto Mojo starter kit with a lancing device, 10 lancets, and 10 ketone test strips costs about $60.  An additional 50 Keto Mojo ketone test strips also cost about $50, also around $1/ea.  The Keto Mojo now offers a USB link to Head’s up Health for those interested in online tracking of their ketone readings and related health metrics.

As a last resort for those totally averse to pricking their finger, acetone breath testing can provide a less accurate evaluation of ketosis over an approximately 12-hour window.  The Ketonix Acetone Breathalyzer is a one-time expense of around $140-240 (USB or bluetooth/mobile versions) without additional supply costs, except for the calibration canister.  The monetary investment into Ketonix ketone readings breaks even with ketone blood meter testing after about one-hundred measurements.  Breath acetone levels that register in the yellow and red range on the Ketonix Breathalyzer are considered to correlate with nutritional ketosis.  In studies, a 7 ppm acetone reading correlated with 0.5 mM ketone blood testing.

The acetone measured by Ketonix and the beta-hydroxybutyrate measured by the Precision Xtra/Keto Mojo are both breakdown products of the parent ketone acetoacetate.

Urine ketone strip testing for “peetones” are inaccurate for a variety of reasons.  I’m not recommending urine testing.

Brain Training

BrainHQTo give brain training computer games a try, you can sign up for the free version at Posit Science BrainHQ.  Over one hundred research papers show that exercising your brain with the BrainHQ exercises increases cognitive functioning and quality of life.  Pay $8-14/month to subscribe for full access and personalized BrainHQ activities…or receive full access with your paid ReVERSE™ subscription (more details here).

Luminosity is a popular alternative brain training app.  Keep in mind that the brain games are designed to be challenging such that they will stimulate the growth of new brain cell connections.  Yes, persevering through a little discomfort or frustration with the game can be a good thing.  Be aware of negative self-talk about your percentile ranking.  The score serves as a marker so we can watch for decline over time and celebrate improvement with practice.


Stress Management

Dr. Bredesen recommends Neural Agility by RevitaMind, “meditation on steroids”$97

Kritan Kriya meditation audio file and instructions on CD or MP3 from the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, $20


Ketoflex™-Aligned Food Products

VitalChoice  is a great option for buying sustainably harvested seafood tested to be free of hazardous contaminants, like heavy metals.  For convenience travel foods, I buy their canned wild Alaskan sockeye salmon (with small soft edible bones and skin for extra nutrition, larger 7.5 oz cans, product #CWR706) and tinned wild Portuguese sardines in organic extra virgin olive oil (product #CPS012).  Both canned fish taste better than many competing products.  Vital Choice has other seafood entrees like 5 oz herbed wild salmon burgers (product #FSB501) and spiced wild blue shrimp burgers (product #FBS404) that make it more convenient to eat safe seafood.  VitalChoice seafood is delcious, nutritious, and pricey, so look for their 10% and 15% off sales.

Bulletproof Brain OctaneTo help you transition into ketosis, first try a high-quality 95% C8 MCT oil supplement.  A trial size 3.0 oz Bulletproof Brain Octane costs about $6.60.  Start with a half-teaspoon taken with food in case your gut doesn’t agree with MCTs.  If MCTs help you


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