In-Person Support Group in San Diego

Brain Health Optimizers is a meetup for people supporting each other to follow the diet and lifestyle of the Bredesen Protocol™.  If you can attend in person in the central area of coastal San Diego, please visit to learn about the healing support.

Brain Health Optimizers is your chance to connect to people on a similar health journey.  Our group is the first group devoted to brain health.

I created this meetup  because we are stronger together.  Our community meets in person (not online) with the mission to prevent Alzheimer’s entirely and to support those subscribed to ReVERSE™ on their quest to reverse early cognitive issues.  See for all the details and to apply to participate.

Developing a network of people making similar diet and lifestyle changes can buoy your progress.  If you don’t live in San Diego, you may try an internet search to find a similar meeting in your region.  Or sign up for an online group such as my Brain Health Revitalization program.

Our Brain Health Optimizers meetups are an educational, social good time, usually outdoors enjoying the Southern California sunshine and fresh air.   Our group get-togethers certainly uplift me.