One-on-One ReCODE™ Coaching

We’re all gloriously complex individuals.  People with similar health symptoms and cognitive complaints each have their own combination of underlying causes.  I offer personalized support to help people navigate their Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™.  Together, we figure out how to implement a holistic program

The holistic multi-modal therapy to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

(← see infographic) tailored to their unique circumstances that addresses the root causes of their health issues.  I serve as a bridge between individuals and their doctor so that they will be successful with the lifestyle modifications needed to nurture brain health and change the course of their lives.

Since January 2018, I have been dedicated to delivering exceptional brain health coaching to help people prevent and reverse mild cognitive decline in both one-on-one and in group settings.  My former career in cell biology, recent functional medicine training, and current specialization in coaching brain health gives me a depth of experience and breadth of understanding the complex interconnected systems of the brain, body and mind beyond that of most other health coaches.

In coaching sessions, I help you:

  • prioritize aspects of the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet and brain healthy lifestyle as well as develop clarity for getting the most out of your limited time, money, and energy
  • personalize the Ketoflex™ diet to your taste buds, ApoE4 status, insulin sensitivity, exercise habits, weight loss goals, fermentable fiber tolerance, cooking/dining preferences, and more, especially with guidance from a ReCODE Report™ or Bredesen-trained doctor
  • immediately start nourishing your brain deliciously with grocery shopping, recipe, snack, and eating out ideas aligned with Ketoflex 12/3™
  • uncover strategies to implement as much as possible of ReCODE™ with effective brain challenging, stress management, and physical activities
  • explore ways to improve your sleep and reduce total toxin burden based on the current evidence base
  • understand your ReCODE Report™ analysis,  lab tests, and ReCODE™ supplements beyond what your doctor has time for
  • keep you motivated so that you take small steps sustained over time
  • ease into sustained nutritional ketosis (when that is a therapeutic goal) by utilizing my experience transitioning dozens of people to a well-formulated ketogenic diet
  • understand the basics of mycotoxin illness treatment and trophic support, when needed
  • generate a ReCODE Report™, for those subscribed to ReVERSE™, by administering the MoCA and uploading lab test results
  • feel supported and relieved of overwhelm
  • receive support beyond what your insurance network doctor gets IMG_1781 one on 1 coachingcompensated for and at less expensive rates than doctors outside of your network—I listen to your story, learn from your triggers and past helpful actions, develop a picture of your current diet and lifestyle habits (without judgment), get acquainted with your fears about and hopes for the future, explain the science of why specific diet/lifestyle changes would be helpful, find means to overcome logistical challenges to lifestyle change, and more

High quality, professional coaching helps to guide, simplify, accelerate, and ease the transition to “living ReCODE”.  Without expert help, individuals may remain unaware of what they don’t know and neglect aspects of the Bredesen Protocol that can be the key to success.  A coaching collaboration propels you more quickly, easily, and intelligently toward vibrant cognitive and overall health.

After five coaching sessions and effort invested in between, most people:

  • feel more energized,
  • have uplifted mood
  • gain mental sharpness/cognitive clarity,
  • lose fat (if overweight),
  • see improved biomarkers that put them at vastly less risk for future cognitive decline and other chronic diseases


Coaching packages, logistics, and fees

To match a coaching package to your needs, please first identify whether you are at the stage of prevention or reversal of cognitive impairment.  You may need a single consultation to help determine this with a MoCA cognitive assessment.  Except for custom concierge coaching or single patient visits in a doctor’s clinic, I coach people within either a five-session or eight-session commitment.  I can recommend a pathway forward after getting to know more about you during our free 20-minute phone consultation.


Coaching for Prevention of Cognitive Decline and Vibrant Health

My prevention programs are suited for you if:

  • you are at the stage of prevention with a longer time horizon to optimize your diet and lifestyle
  • you are motivated by a genetic predisposition, family history, or so keen on living a full life that you have basic lab testing and a cognitive assessment to inform our coaching partnership
  • you intend to optimize as many aspects of your diet and lifestyle as feasible to prevent dementia and enhance overall health
  • you are not yet experiencing significant memory/cognitive issues and have a MoCA score >27
  • (If instead you already experience cognitive impairment, please see my Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™ coaching further down this page.  If you are unsure of whether your cognitive issues may be “senior moments” still at the stage of prevention or subjective cognitive impairment, please see my option for a stand-alone consultation.)

For my prevention patients, ideally, my coaching doesn’t just adapt your lifestyle to prevent cognitive decline—it puts you on the trajectory to become a sharp, vital, physically capable, independent, kick-ass 90-year-old living well and contributing to the world.

5 Foundational5-Session Foundational Brain Health Coaching for Prevention

This foundational coaching package is designed for individuals in the 40-60 year age range at the stage of prevention who have not subscribed to AHNP’s ReCODE™ or ReVERSE™ programs.  Putting a brain healthy diet and lifestyle into actual practice “clears the muddy waters”, often for more economical and efficient treatment thereafter.  We work with your regular doctor to get oversight and insurance/Medicare for preliminary lab testing.  If your symptoms do not get better and lab biomarkers do not improve, you will be advised to seek more advanced interventions, a ReCODE™/ReVERSE™ account, a Bredesen-trained doctor, and/or additional coaching sessions as needed.

I pack an initial 75-minute and four 55-minute follow-up meetings with as much of brain health coaching that time allows.

You can utilize the valuable brain healthy diet and lifestyle guides I created before either of Dr. Bredesen’s companies (MPI Cognition/AHNP Health/ Apollo Health) had published any practical resources for patients.  To accelerate your progress, I share both my own proprietary extensive resources (developed before my ReCODE™ Practitioner training) as well as handouts from the Institute for Functional Medicine’s tool kit.

To minimize the financial burden of testing, you work with your existing doctor to arrange for preventative health lab tests, with the option to fill in important gaps with direct-to-consumer lab tests.  I include forms to track important biomarkers, symptoms, and relevant lab test results.  We may uncover a need to dig deeper with a doctor to address underlying issues not resolved by diet and lifestyle.

This package includes 15-minutes dedicated to my administration of the MoCA cognitive assessment, with the option to upgrade to order a CNS Vital Signs test instead for those confident that they have not yet experienced even subtle cognitive decline.

I strongly encourage granting a release of information between myself and your doctor so that we can seek medical guidance as needed for your case.

All my coachees are granted access to a 30% discount on an array of quality supplements from my Fullscript formulary, including the brand Dr. Bredesen recommended before starting his own line.

These five cost-effective coaching sessions can be amazingly effective for people ready to put in the work to eat well and live a holistically healthy lifestyle.   (Please understand that you are not doing the Bredesen Protocol™ without a ReCODE Report™ and that I cannot share proprietary information from my training if you have not subscribed to Apollo Health’s ReVERSE™ program.)


5 PreCODE5-Sessions for Prevention of Cognitive Decline with ReCODE Report™

This coaching package is designed for individuals who invest in Apollo Health’s ReCODE™ program (that includes a direct-to-consumer suite of lab testing and ReCODE Report™) or Apollo Health’s ReVERSE™ subscription.

Effective one-on-one health coaching for sustained behavior change takes a minimum of five sessions.  I pack an initial 75-minute and four 55-minute follow-up meetings with as much of personalized coaching that time allows.

Your welcome includes a handy Ketoflex 12/3™ foods list as well as an IFM food guide and recipes.  Our initial longer coaching session can be timed before or after your ReCODE Report™ is ready.  I share my practical guides for making diet and lifestyle change.

If not provided by your doctor, I can administer the MoCA cognitive assessment and scoring needed to generate your ReCODE Report™ during an extra 15-minute extension of our initial session.  I also provide a 30% discount on recommended supplements as well as access to Dr. Bredesen’s LifeSeasons brand of ReCODE™ supplements.

Please note that the highest level of personalization of your Bredesen Protocol™ can only be offered under guidance of a Bredesen-trained medical doctor and/or an upgrade to the ReVERSE™ subscription offered by Apollo Health.



Coaching for Reversal of COgnitive DEcline

My ReCODE™ coaching packages are suited for you if:

  • you are at the stage of subjective cognitive impairment (SCI) with your sight set on improving your cognition and overall wellness
  • you have been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or very early Alzheimer’s dementia, have subscribed to ReVERSE™, and are under the supervision of a Bredesen-trained doctor(s)
  • you are ready to optimize your diet and all the other lifestyle aspects of the Bredesen Protocol™ as feasible

Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI) is more readily reversible with diet, lifestyle, and a modicum of medical treatment.  I’ve witnessed numerous patients with early hints of memory and/or cognitive issues reverse these problems, discontinue their need for multiple medications, and turn their health around.  Achieving these same outcomes is very doable for most people with SCI when they have the assistance of a ReCODE Report™, health coaching, a ReVERSE™ account, and treatment from a Bredesen-trained doctor to fully implement the Bredesen Protocol™.

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI/pre-Alzheimer’s) generally requires more of an investment in medical treatment, accompanied by health coaching, for at least 6-12 months to realize improvements.  I only coach individuals with MCI or early Alzheimer’s along with a supportive partner/caregiver who are both subscribing to Apollo Health’s ReVERSE™ program and working with a Bredesen-trained doctor (see Collaborative Care with your Doctor) .   In my experience, this substantial combination is required to reverse decades of sub-clinical disease by the time of an MCI diagnosis.


8 Pre- or Re- CODE8-Sessions of Coaching for Prevention or Reversal of Cognitive Decline with ReVERSE™ subscription

Eight coaching sessions provide more time for creating and accumulating new health habits.  It can take time to overcome backslides and hurdles until your new default way of life provides the best environment for your brain, mind, and body to flourish.  We’ll have an initial 75-minute coaching session and seven 55-minute follow-up sessions.  Ample time allows us to unwind more of the underlying causes of dis-ease as revealed by your ReCODE Report™ and doctor overseeing your case.  The resources I provide will complement the on-line guides in your ReVERSE™ account.



Other Coaching Options

4 Follow-up4 Follow-up Coaching Sessions

This package of four 55-minute coaching sessions to build on our progress is intended for patients I’ve already met with at a Bredesen-trained doctor’s integrative medical center or clients who have completed a previous coaching package with me.  Seeing me by videoconference or phone outside of the clinic grants you coaching support at about half the price–saving the costs of administration and overhead within a clinic.




1 ConsultSingle 55-Minute Coaching Consultation with Cognitive Assessment

A single 55-minute videoconference can provide the cognitive assessment needed to generate a ReCODE Report™ for those in AHNP’s ReCODE program OR obtain an initial objective cognitive measure to help guide you forward.   As a MoCA-certified health coach, I provide your scored MoCA cognitive assessment without medical diagnosis.  As a general rule, a score of 28 or above will match you to my prevention coaching.  Although a MoCA of 26 or above is considered “normal”, Dr. Bredesen has suggested that those who score 27 or below should proceed with further cognitive evaluation.  Your MoCA score is your private information and you decide whether to share it with anyone else.

Within the 55-minutes, I both administer the MoCA and devote at least a half-hour conversation answering your burning questions related to the Bredesen Protocol™.  Though personalized health coaching requires a more time-consuming review of intake information and cannot be provided within this brief session, half of your consultation fee can be deducted from a coaching package purchase made within the next month.

The CNS-VS cognitive assessment is a more elaborate cognitive assessment suited for people suspecting subtle cognitive issues.  For an additional fee, the CNS-VS is taken online in the comfort of your own home under an anonymized identification.  You’ll receive a complete CNS-VS Report afterward and have a full 55-minutes

Single 75-Minute Coaching Consultation with MoCA and ReCODE Report™ Generation for ReVERSE™ subscribers

A single 75-minute videoconference is an option for those subscribed to ReVERSE™ who may be shopping around for the best Bredesen-trained doctor.  I can generate your ReCODE Report™ in advance to help you find your best match.  This option is particularly valuable for ReVERSE™ subscribers with budget constraints to have me (as a Qualified ReCODE Report™ practitioner at health coach rates) administer the MoCA, ask the medical history questions, and enter the data for ReCODE Report™ generation.

Use the remaining time to answer your general questions related to the Bredesen Protocol™.  Though personalized health coaching cannot be provided within this single session (lacking my usual review of intake information), $50 of your consultation fee can be deducted from a coaching package purchase made within the next month.


CustomCustom-Tailored and Concierge Coaching

I’m happy to tailor my brain health coaching to suit your needs.  I offer fairly-priced concierge health coaching to serve as an experienced guide for your Bredesen Protocol™.  I track and charge $75/hour for all of my time, both face-to-face and behind the scenes, with a minimum eight-hour pre-paid retainer.  Options include accompanying you to your doctor’s ReCODE Report™ review appointment and a home visit pantry make-over to accelerate dietary change.  Please arrange a phone call to describe what you have in mind.



How long it takes to realize major health gains and the extent of cognitive benefits vary.

While some people have an epiphany that triggers quick and lasting lifestyle change, many need multiple months of coaching to develop a brain healthy lifestyle.  My aim is to expediently empower you to reach a maintenance phase when you feel so good that you never want to go back to previous, less healthy habits.  Some of you accomplish this in just 5 or 6 sessions.

For instance, I’ve helped:

  • a very organized, motivated, action-oriented client reverse subjective cognitive impairment (SCI) in three sessions (with accompanying medical treatment)
  • numerous people restore health by reversing non-insulin dependent diabetes, normalizing blood pressure, and going off various medications under supervision of their doctors chiefly via the diet and lifestyle changes supported by six coaching sessions
  • many people relieve their irritable bowel symptoms with a personalized version of the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet
  • patients with MCI increase their cognitive performance and functioning for better quality of life with six coaching sessions over six months, while receiving treatment from their doctor

Of course, each person’s health journey unfolds differently.   Complex health problems and deep-seated habits require more time for resolution and referrals to appropriate practitioners.


Sessions are held by videoconference, over the phone, or in person.

San Diego range

Click here for a map of where I travel for in-person visits.

I partner with people throughout the world.  The Zoom app for videoconferencing is relatively easy to launch and allows multiple people to meet (without having to commute) via a smart phone/laptop/computer equipped with a microphone, videocamera, and internet access.  I provide instructions to make the technology easy to use.  Coaching over the telephone is another option.  I also travel to meet people face-to-face in the clinic, within the comfort of their home, or at a San Diego library for an additional charge (depending on the distance).

My face-to-face hours:

My general hours are 10:00 am – 6:30 pm PST Monday-Thursday, with priority given to group videoconferences in the evenings and La Jolla clinic appointments Monday and Thursday mornings.


IMG_0385 c

But, wait, what will this cost and how can how can we arrange to talk to learn more?

A small investment in health coaching can yield priceless feelings of vitality and mental sharpness.  Consider what coaching support is worth to you before reviewing my coaching fees.

If you have reviewed this page and determined that my coaching services sound helpful to you, then you are likely the kind of person I’d be pleased to partner with.  Please use the contact form at this link to arrange a free 20-minute conversation about your situation, how I can help, and whether we’re mutually a good fit.