One-on-One ReCODE Coaching

We’re all gloriously complex individuals.  If you need personalized support to implement the full the Bredesen Protocol™ and tailor it to your unique circumstances, I can help.

As a ReCODE Report Qualified™ practitioner, I’m well trained in all aspects of the ReCODE Protocol™, such as creating a well-formulated ketogenic diet, mycotoxin illness treatment basics, and the principles of trophic support.  I’m able to fill in the informational details beyond what your doctor has limited time to provide and beyond the education of most other health coaches.

Understanding how specific aspects of the Protocol can improve your health is important, but taking small actions sustained over time is how you actualize the benefits.  ReCODE™ coaching helps you do this to revitalize your memory and get you feeling your best. 

Benefits of personalized coaching:

Individual coaching accelerates your putting ReCODE™ into practice much faster than can be done alone.  Having an expert coach guide you one step at a time ease feelings of overwhelm some people have when introduced to the entire protocol. Together we’ll take the time to figure out how you can fit the fundamental health practices of the ReCODE Protocol™—the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet, physical activity, sleep optimization, stress management, supplements, toxin reduction, and brain training—into your life.

The collaborative energy during coaching sessions propels people to make the diet and lifestyle changes that will strengthen their body’s repair mechanisms and get them on the path to more vibrant cognitive and overall health.

Together, we determine key areas to focus on.  As we make progress implementing ReCODE™, we uncover whether there’s a need to dig deeper with a doctor to address underlying issues not resolved by lifestyle medicine.  Putting the ReCODE™ diet and lifestyle into actual practice “clears the muddy waters” for your doctor, often for more economical and efficient treatment thereafter.

After five coaching sessions and effort invested in between, most people

  • feel more energized,
  • have uplifted mood
  • gain mental sharpness/cognitive clarity,
  • lose fat (if overweight),
  • start improving their biomarkers to put them at vastly less risk for future cognitive decline

How long it takes to realize major health gains and the extent of cognitive benefits vary. 

Each person’s health journey unfolds differently.  As examples, I’ve helped

  • a very organized, motivated, action-oriented client reversed her subjective cognitive impairment (SCI) in three sessions (with accompanying medical treatment)
  • people use ReCODE to reverse non-insulin dependent diabetes and go off medications
  • people relieve their irritable bowel symptoms within five sessions
  • others proceed more gradually, sometimes starting with group coaching as an onramp, followed with one-on-one coaching

My aim is to expediently empower you to reach your wellness goal.  While some people have an epiphany that triggers immediate and lasting lifestyle change, most need two months or more of regular coaching to develop a brain healthy lifestyle.  Complex health problems and deep-seated habits often require more time for resolution and referrals to appropriate practitioners.  SCI is more readily reversible with diet and lifestyle.  Pre-Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s disease general require more of an investment in medical treatment, accompanied by health coaching, for six months or more to realize improved cognition.

I partner with people nationwide:

  • who are interested in preventing dementia by optimizing their brain and overall health
  • with subjective to very mild cognitive impairment to first stop further decline and then improve cognition
  • with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or very early Alzheimer’s dementia under supervision of their doctor(s)
  • who are caregivers alongside a person with established Alzheimer’s and in partnership with their Bredesen-trained doctor (please review Collaborative Care with your Doctor).

For what to expect in one-on-one coaching sessions, continue reading here.

For my prevention patients, ideally, my coaching doesn’t just adapt your lifestyle to prevent cognitive decline—it puts you on the trajectory to become a sharp, vital, physically capable, independent, kick-ass 90-year-old living well and contributing to the world.

Sessions are held by videoconference, over the phone, or in person. 

San Diego range

Double-click here for a map of where I travel for in-person visits.

The Zoom app for videoconferencing is relatively easy to launch and allows multiple people to meet (without having to commute) as long as they have a smart phone/laptop/computer equipped with a microphone, videocamera, and internet access.  I send instructions to make the technology easy.  Telephone is another option.  Some prefer to meet face-to-face in the comfort of their San Diego home for an additional travel charge (depending on the distance).

My hours:

My general hours are 10:00 am – 6:30 pm PST Monday-Thursday and 10:00 am – 3:00 pm PST Friday, with priority given to group videoconferences in the evenings and La Jolla clinic appointments Monday and Thursday mornings.

The value of ReCODE™ coaching

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But, wait, what will this cost and how can how can we arrange to talk to learn more?

Health coaching can yield priceless feelings of vitality and mental sharpness.  Consider what coaching support is worth to you before reviewing my coaching fees.

If you have reviewed this page and determined that my coaching services sound helpful to you, then you are likely the kind of person I’d be pleased to partner with.  Please use the contact form at this link to arrange a free 20-minute conversation about your situation, how I can help, and whether we’re mutually a good fit.