Meeting in San Diego or Online

I meet in person at the locations below in San Diego CA, USA.  Most of my meetings are  virtually via videoconference or phone with people worldwide.

San Diego range

In Person: This map approximates my travel range for in-person visits at clinics, homes, public libraries, and book/coffee shops.  Although I prefer meeting in person, I usually travel only to an initial appointment or in order to meet concierge coaching needs.  I cannot afford to spend too much time in traffic and charge a reduced rate for my travel time, see fees below.

To reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission, needed in-person appointments will be held outdoors.  Such meetings may require creative use of portable chairs and umbrellas for us to find a comfortable and private place to have a coaching conversation while maintaining several feet of space between us.   The five locations below have public outdoor spaces.

Online: Most of my coaching sessions are face-to-face videoconferences that provide the heart-to-heart feeling of meeting at a single location while sparing us both the commute.  Videoconferencing allows us to meet wherever you are in the world with internet access.  People I work with in their 40s to 80s in a numerous different countries all manage to get the Zoom videoconferencing working with a few clicks and, if needed, by following my instructions at the top of the FAQ webpage.


Common San Diego, California locations I meet in person:

MOSS CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, 8950 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, CA  92037

Located near the 5-Fwy La Jolla Village Dr/Miramar Rd exit, south of UCSD, near the Whole Foods shopping center.  The clinic is in the sectional buildings known as “The Campus on Via La Jolla”.  Meet inside the clinic (building section A, second floor, suite A217) if you are a patient of Dr. Charles Moss.  Or meet at one of the nearby shaded outdoor tables (first floor). $20 add-on travel fee.


NORTH UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY LIBRARY, 8820 Judicial Dr, San Diego, CA  92122

Library located in the UTC area, near the 805-Fwy Nobel Dr exit.  Ask if one of two private meeting rooms is open.  Rooms are available on first-come, first-serve basis.  If not, utilize indoor or outdoor seating.  $20 add-on travel fee.

N Univ Comm LibraryDirections:  From Nobel Drive, take Judicial Dr westward and turn left at the very first opportunity (Research Pl/Illumina Way).  After parking and entering the library, you can call my mobile phone if we don’t spot each other.  Whoever arrives first could check if one of the two private study rooms is available at the reference desk or instead find a quiet table inside or walk outside to one of the many covered picnic benches, depending on your preference.



Outside BASTYR UNIVERSITY Building C, 3974 Sorrento Valley Blvd, San Diego, CA  92121

Bastyr tables east

Tables east of Bastyr University building C.

Bastyr table SW

Table SW of Bastyr bldg C.

Located just east of the 5-Fwy at the Sorrento Valley Blvd exit.  Meet at the shaded round outdoor table southwest of Bastyr building C and directly south of the US Postal Service office.  Or meet at one of the outdoor tables in front of the tennis courts east of the Bastyr building C.  $15 add-on travel fee.




MIRA MESA LIBRARY, 8404 New Salem St, San Diego, CA  92126

Mira Mesa LibraryLocated off of Mira Mesa Blvd about halfway between the 15-Fwy and 805-Fwy.  Meet at a quiet indoor or outdoor table. $10 add-on travel fee.



SAN DIEGUITO COUNTY PARK, 1628 Lomas Santa Fe Dr, Del Mar, CA

Located about 2 miles east of the 5-Fwy Lomas Santa Fe exit.  I occasionally arrange to provide a MoCA test or in-person consultation at 2:00 pm on a Wednesday (after my support group meetup at the park).  To find the meeting point at the concrete picnic tables, veer right after passing the San Dieguito park west entrance.  The tables are positioned halfway between the two small playgrounds closest to Highland Dr.  $25 add-on travel fee OR no ($0) additional travel fee when I’m available at 2 pm on a Wednesday after my support group usually held at the park every four weeks.


HOME VISITS and OTHER LOCATIONS within my mapped range (shown above) is charged by the minute of travel time one-way, up to $60/hour, avoiding peak rush hour times.