Coaching Fees

Health coaching can provide amazing return-on-investment.

Despite health coaches being considered the value providers within healthcare, health coaching is not yet reimbursed through medical insurance.  Therefore, I require direct payment for the value of my ongoing support, Bredesen Protocol™ expertise, extensive  clinical experience with PreCODE™ and ReCODE™ patients, resources to equip you for success, and skills as a brain health coach with a proven track record.  My independently-contracted services are delivered with transparent pricing.  No third party (except for ones you specifically request) will ever have access to information from our coaching.   I prioritize what’s important for optimizing health outcomes and keeping overhead costs low such that you can benefit from my level of training and experience at relatively affordable fees and high return on investment.

My service fees as of October 2021 (subject to change):

  • Fifteen-minute discovery call to determine if we’re a good match, $0
  • Five-session FOUNDATIONAL coaching for prevention (75-minute initial session + extensive intake + four 55-minute sessions within five months), $598†
  • Five-session PreCODE coaching for prevention with PreCODE™ subscription (75-minute initial session + intake + four  55-minute sessions within 5 months), $567†
  • Eight-session ReCODE coaching for reversal with ReCODE™ subscription or prevention with PreCODE™ subscription (75-minute initial session + intake + seven 55-minute sessions over the course of about 6 months), $948†
  • Single 55-minute consultation including MoCA test, $128 (CNS-VS test and/or data entry for ReCODE Report™ generation requires an additional fee;  $25 discount off of a coaching package available after consultation)
  • Single follow-up 55-minute coaching session after at least 5 previous  coaching sessions , $100-$150 depending on additional time to review of doctor’s notes, new lab results, updated ReCODE Report™, logs, etc
  • Single 60-minute clinic coaching session paid through the doctor’s clinic, $150-170
  • Add-on order for CNS Vital Signs test, $45 ($40 directly paid to CNS-VS for each test)
  • ReCODE Report™ generation—charges vary with time spent: $20 for a 15-minute update, $45 for average data entry with organized submission of lab test results, $95 for data input of all intake and extensive testing or international results (outside of the U.S.)
  • Requested extra email support beyond 15 minutes in between sessions, $15 for each extra 10 minutes
  • General research to answer Bredesen Protocol™-related questions, $0 (free)
  • Research time to answer specific personal requests with pre-agreement, $85/hr
  • Travel for in-person meetings within zipcode 92121, 92037, or 92126 at preset locations, $20-25
  • Travel to meet at agreed location (see my driving/travel range), $15 for every 10 minutes of one-way driving time
  • Custom-tailored private coaching—I track and charge $85/hour for all of my time, both face-to-face and behind the scenes, with an eight-hour minimum, $680 retainer
  • Concierge health coaching within comprehensive 6-month doctor-supervised clinical treatment programs—please contact me for details
  • Four-session follow-up coaching (case review+four 55 minutes sessions over 4 months), $447
  • Revitalize Your Brain group coaching program (participation in a series of 8 two-hour meetings), $393 ($363 if you do not need the CNS-VS because you have a recent professionally-administered cognitive assessment)
  • Brain Health Optimizers in-person support group, $5-10 suggested donation per two-hour meetup

Discount of $13 per one-on-one coaching session available when phone rather than videoconference is requested.  Discount reflects overall time savings of using the telephone (vs Zoom) for coaching conversations.  Coaching via phone has proved highly effective and efficient during my coaching work for a clinical study to reverse Alzheimer’s.  While utilizing this discount can make my services more affordable, videoconferencing (or in-person meeting as available) can provide a worthwhile extra level of communication for at least the initial meeting.

Effective, personalized brain health coaching requires much time behind the scenes of our coaching conversations.  I invest time examining your lab results, going over your ReCODE Report™, seeking your doctor’s guidance, reviewing your diet & lifestyle notes, administering the necessities (scheduling/rescheduling/sending forms/providing resources), and lots more.  Each coaching package includes up to 15 minutes of total personalized email in between appointments.  It takes a multi-session commitment over sufficient time to personalize your Protocol, ingrain new good health habits, and help you to get back on track when life derails your best intentions.

I accept cash, check, PayPal, and major credit cards.  I prefer personal checks for multi-session coaching to avoid the non-refundable 3% fee that PayPal charges for their transaction services.

If needed, I will refund a pro-rated amount for used session(s) and time within a prepaid coaching package.

Our discovery phone call will help you evaluate which one of my packages best suits your needs and circumstances. 

I hope you’ll find my services transformational and money well spent.