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This webpage is for people seeking brain health coaching services.  To message me about another matter, please click here for this general contact form instead

Reach JenBefore requesting a free phone consultation, please FIRST review my coaching services and my guidelines below for who’s a good match people who are: 

-truly at the stage of prevention with a focus on brain health AND no significant memory/cognitive symptoms yet


-at the stage of prevention or subjective cognitive impairment AND have signed up for a ReCODE™ or ReVERSE™ account through Apollo Health


-at the stage of mild cognitive impairment AND in partnership with a caregiver AS WELL AS a Bredesen-trained doctor.  I would like you to receive effective holistic treatment (more than coaching alone can provide) to optimize your cognition, overall health, and longevity


-diagnosed with an early stage of dementia AND subscribed to ReVERSE™ AND have a caregiver living in San Diego, CA, USA.  Intensive, expeditious assistance along with local resources provide your best chance for reversal


If, instead, you suspect you’re having memory/cognitive issues, but haven’t yet had a cognitive test or signed up for ReCODE™/ReVERSE™/a Bredesen-trained doctor consultation, then consider requesting a PAID consultation (click for webpage and scroll down to box reading “1 Consult”) that includes a MoCA and/or CNS-VS cognitive assessment.  A paid consultation provides an initial objective basic assessment of cognition as well as ample discussion of different paths forward based on my 2+ years of experience with the Bredesen Protocol™ and my perspective with minimal conflicts of interest.  Checking the final option on the contact form below will provide a much more extensive, personalized consultation than the free twenty-minute phone call.  I will follow up to find out if you’re interested in a MoCA, CNS-VS, or no assessment.

If you are trying to boot-strap reversal of cognitive decline WITHOUT a Bredesen-trained doctor or ReVERSE™ account:  Know that I both deeply respect individuals who take responsibility for their health and believe in the transformative power of diet and lifestyle change.  Nonetheless, I retell the adage, “he who treats himself has a fool for a patient”.  Unfortunately, I have borne witness to the stark disparity in health outcomes between those who invest in proper diagnosis of likely underlying causes and those who take a mostly DIY approach.  By the time cognitive symptoms have manifested, root causes most often require medical intervention to overcome.  My policy is to help people with cognitive impairment who invest in themselves enough at an early enough stage of decline to have a good chance at reversal.  I do not receive any kick-backs from referrals to Apollo Health’s ReCODE/ReVERSE™ programs or other doctors; I’m only pointing you toward what I honestly believe to be the most promising way to avert a possibly terminal condition.

If you are seeking help for someone with Alzheimer’s outside of the San Diego region, please check with Apollo Health directly (not me) for your Bredesen Protocol™ options.


Many thanks for reading above to get an idea about who benefits from my brain health coaching.  If that sounds like you, let’s arrange twenty minutes to talk.

You may choose to fill in an “x” on this form where you don’t feel comfortable answering.


*I respectfully will never share your contact info, sell it, or spam your inbox.  Since this form transmission is not HIPAA-compliant, you may want to refrain from including sensitive medical information.