Collaborative Care for Reversing Cognitive Decline

I work in alliance with local San Diego ReCODE Report Qualified™ doctors.   I also may be able to collaborate with your integrative or conventional doctor who advocates Dr. Bredesen’s approach but hasn’t received specific ReCODE™ training.  The ideal way for me to coach is with a doctor’s guidance and medical clearance.

A subtle memory issue or subjective cognitive impairment is generally easier to reverse than mild cognitive impairment (MCI, also known as pre-Alzheimer’s) or early Alzheimer’s disease.

Reversing marked cognitive impairment

I coach individuals with a pre-Alzheimer’s/MCI or an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, only under the supervision of their doctor.  I also need participation of a spouse, child, assistant, or other caregiver at our sessions.  Videoconferencing makes it easier for multiple support people to meet at the same time from various locations.

Dr. Bredesen advises that individuals with significant cognitive decline be willing to commit to implementing all aspects of the Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™ for 6-12 months and not to expect to see cognitive improvements until investing in at least 6 months of both holistic medical treatment in conjuction with therapeutic diet and lifestyle changes. 

The people I’ve seen reverse their cognitive decline have dedicated themselves to living their Protocol with a team of collaborative support from their caregiver, their doctor, my coaching, the resources in a ReVERSE™ subscription, and sometimes other allied healthcare professionals.  These patients report regaining their organizational skills, improving their everyday memory, restoring their directional sense, and becoming more engaged in life.

Please learn more about my One-on-One Coaching here.  If we’re working in partnership with a ReCODE Qualified doctor, my initial appointments may already be bundled in your healthcare package, including my initial intake.  After you’ve reviewed my coaching services, I invite you to contact me so I can learn about your unique situation and communicate how I could help.