What to expect in coaching sessions

How one-on-one coaching sessions unfold:

  • In our initial appointment, after reviewing your intake form, I listen to more of your story (beyond our phone consultation) so that we can begin to co-create a plan for implementing ReCODE™.  Your welcome package may include a summary of the salient aspects of the Bredesen Protocol™, a handy Ketoflex™ 12/3 foods list, an IFM Food Guide, recipes, and a weekly meal planner, as desired.
  • We get started on your “Cognoscopy”.  If you have not signed up for ReCODE Reports™, we’ll make records on a Tracking Biomarkers document that can also flag health priorities.  If you have chosen not to enroll in ReCODE™ plus lab tests, you can collect recent relevant lab test results from your doctor.  Since I am MoCA-certified, I’ll administer the Montreal Cognitive Assessment as requested.  And I provide the AQ-21 assessment (designed to be answered by a spouse or close friend) as appropriate.
  • If you sign up for ReCODE Reports™ with me as your practitioner or ReCODE™ plus the blood lab and genome tests, I’ll input your test results and responses to generate your personal ReCODE Report™.
  • During follow-up coaching sessions, I tailor the Ketoflex™ diet to your preferences, your body’s gut reaction to foods, and ApoE4 status.  If needed and with your authorization, I can consult your doctor about your health considerations, such as pre-diabetes/diabetes, irritable bowel, dyslipidemia, or salt-sensitive hypertension.  I make the Ketoflex™ diet easier by providing clarification, meal/snack ideas, recipes, grocery product tips, and restaurant dining guidance tailored to your taste buds, budget, and time constraints.
  • I partner with you (and a support person, as desired) to customize ways for you to sleep sounder, train your brain, get more active, intermittently fast (for 12-16 hours), manage stress, and/or reduce toxin exposure that fit your unique lifestyle.  When requested, I also educate about the general use of ReCODE™ supplements and provide a 30% discount off of Dr. Bredesen’s recommended products.
  • We focus on addressing root causes of your unique condition, i.e. with nutritional ketosis to reverse insulin resistance or meditative breathing to help alleviate stress.
  • Our time together can spark new insights, surmount challenges, and help you consistently take one step at a time without feeling overwhelmed.  It’s also valuable to explore your positive vision of your healthiest, happy future self for more motivation and greater long-term success.
  • As applicable, we’ll review your ReCODE Report™.  I’m trained to help you understand the ReCODE Report™, educate you about biomarkers, and explain what test results generally mean.  Since I do not practice medicine, you would need to follow up with a doctor for prescriptive treatment of any areas of concern suggested by the Report.
  • In between coaching sessions, I email helpful guides and tips from the Institute for Functional Medicine’s tool kit.  I also share numerous proprietary resources I’ve created to meet people’s needs and accelerate progress. (Similar guides and resources are provided in my group coaching program.)
  • To help gauge your progress, we can also track your cognitive and overall health symptoms.  My aim is to efficiently reach the point where you’re feeling empowered to implement ReCODE™ on your own and/or you’re satisfied with your progress.
  • If desired, I provide referrals to trusted practitioners in San Diego, such as an inspiring certified meditation and chair yoga instructor, a local personal trainer familiar with ReCODE, and ReCODE Qualified™ doctors if you need additional help healing and progressing in all aspects of the Protocol.