To Stay on Track

To keep progressing on the path of an all-around brain-healthy lifestyle, stay in touch with the functional medicine approach to brain health.

Like my Facebook page.  Although I minimize my time on social media, starting in mid-2019, I plan to intermittently post important news (i.e. when Dr. Bredesen’s next book with more practical information is published), relevant brain health events in San Diego, and occasional stories to encourage progress.

Subscribe and listen to the free “The Broken Brain Podcast”.  Fit in roughly one hour per week listening to functional medicine experts’ approaches to brain health while you get other basic tasks done.  For an overview, you may want to start with an interview of Dr. Mark Hyman on the 8/2/18 episode #14.

Visit the website to join an online forum of folks from all over the globe who carry the ApoE4 gene and are doing their best to prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s.  Dedicated individuals, including functional medicine health coaches, moderate this forum and help curate useful information.

Attend my ReCODE™ support group in San Diego or otherwise regularly surround yourself with people on a similar holistic health journey.